Superstar Car Wash

Getting Unlimited Car Wash Has Never Been Easier

CompanySuperstar Car Wash

TeamTSG Consumer - Vantage Team

RoleProduct Designer

Superstar Car Wash is a Phoenix-based company with more than 65 locations and growing across Arizona, California, Colorado, and Texas.

I was the main designer to incorporate their new brand identity as well as making their unlimited wash plans shoppable online.

Problem: outdated look and no way to buy

Before the redesign, Superstar had a site with an outdated look and an confusing array of information about the wash plans.

The new designs present the brand in a bright and professional manner, with clear service plans to choose from, and easy ways to become a member.

Mobile Menu: get a wash, now and forever

For serving customers on the road, mobile design is our priority.

The mobile menu lets the customer find a location for a car wash now, and sign up for an unlimited plan for unlimited washes.

Mobile menu

For customers who are already an unlimited plan member, managing their membership is only one click away.

Membership: There's a plan for you to shine

At Superstar, you can get unlimited wash plans of different levels.

Unlimited wash plans

Each plan comes with features that are included, and proprietary products used.

It’s easy to swipe between plans and learn more about pricing what’s included.

Locations: Find a store near you

You may be on the road looking for a store for a quick wash.

There are a few ways for you to search for a location on the Superstar site, and I brainstormed all possible paths to get to the location search page.

Locations sketch

It’s super easy to enter a location, and see all the nearby stores around you, with the address, business hours and a quick link to get directions.

Location map view

Sometimes you want to see the store results in a list in order to get all the information at a glance.

Location list view

It’s an easy toggle to view the stores list, with expandable business hours and link to see more details about the store.

Store Detail: Everything you need to know about the store

The store detail page has the address, business hours, and all the goodies like free vacuum and free mat washer that you’re going to get in this location.

Store detail page

And if this location is not as convenient, see all the nearby stores that can offer you the same great service.

In-Page Wash Plans: easy to see, easy to buy

The in-page wash plans widget lets customers buy an unlimited wash plan no matter which page they are on.

Wash plan details

It’s an easy swipe to compare plans and toggle between monthly and single washes.


It was a pleasure to work with the Superstar development team to bring together the site refresh.

Car wash is a science and an art. The challenge was to make clear the value within each level of pricing so customers are selecting the best value instead of getting lost in technical jargons (like I was! Carnauba wax, anyone? 😂)

It was also great to work with Vantage Team’s brand designer to make sure the site is consistent with new looks all over the drive-thru locations.

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