Corepower Yoga

A cross platform redesign that brings yoga to you In Studio, Live and On Demand

CompanyCorepower Yoga

TeamTSG Consumer - Vantage Team

RoleProduct Designer

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Corepower Yoga is the largest yoga studio chain in the United States, with over 220 locations across 22 states.

With existing yoga classes taught in studios, on live class website and streaming website separately, Corepower wanted to offer students a seamless experience to practice yoga anytime, anywhere.

In 2021, I worked with a team of UX strategist, creative director, visual designer and digital transformation specialists to bring yoga to students across desktop web, mobile web, iOS app and Android app.

Problem: three different sites to book a class

With in studio, live and on demand yoga classes all served on separate sites, plus mobile apps that allow students to book studio classes only, there was no integral experience to explore all class types in one place.

Practice in Studio, Live and On Demand

Wether you want to join a beginner friendly class in the studio, or challenge yourself with weights in the comfort of your own home, you can easily book a class or start watching all on the same site or mobile app.

Class Types

The challenge here was to present different class types to students while offering all modes of practice at the same time, in a way that is easy to understand and easy to navigate.

Class types and platform relations

For You: Your yoga practice, your unique journey

No matter if you’re new to yoga, or have been practicing for years, For You page offeres you custom recommendations according to your experience level, your goals, your home studio and classes you’ve done.

For You

New members can easily start exploring ways to get started, and old timers can quickly book their favorite next classes.

Profile: Manage your yoga practice in one place

If yoga is a centering practice for your life, then Profile is the center of your yoga practice.

Lots of flow iterations in sketch form were done in order to figure out how to pack all the practice information into one single section.

Profile page sketch

Log into Profile to see upcoming classes, book new classes, check studio schedule, participate in challenges and much more.


Class History: Track your progress to reach your goals

Yoga, like many things in life, is all about consistency.

Go to class history to check your streak, see the classes you’ve taken and celebrate every class that you have taken.


The calendar feature lets you see your streak, jump to a particular day to see classes you’ve taken on that day, and minimizes when you scroll to view more page content.

Studio Search: Find a studio near you

There’s nothing like practicing yoga in a comfortable space alongside your teacher and other students.

With Studio Search, it’s easy to find a studio near you no matter where you are in the nation.

Studio search

Enter a location in mind and you’ll see studios that are in that area, a list of studios in the region or select the geographical location to see all studios.

Search terms

Easily toggle between list view and map view to see where the studios are located and their info.

Studio map

Buddy Pass: share the joy of yoga

It’s easy to invite a buddy to practice, for free!

Simply book a class and enter your friend’s email address, the rest is handled by the system.

As the flow could get complicated here, lots of sketches were needed!

Buddy pass flow sketch

You just need to show up and have a great class, together!

guest pass

The challenge for this feature was to figure out the logistics behind friend’s account, friend’s booking management and how the information registers with the studio.

Teacher Directory: join the community

Get to know the teachers that bring their knowledge and passion to every class. Look for teachers in any location, and learn more about them.

Teacher directory

By learning more about the teachers, students become more connected to the studios and classes they attend, building a stronger yoga community.

Teacher profile


Multi-platform redesigns are always a thrilling challenge in that the amount of design work packed into the timeline makes it an intensive couple of months to deliver a brand new experience.

Being a workout fanatic myself, at physical locations or online, helped me get into the mindset of students.

Fitting in usertesting early during the redesign schedule and quickly turning around edits made it possible to deliver something that the users enjoy.

It was great working with the Corepower Yoga team, the TSG Vantage team and the development team at Appnovation to bring the new experience to all the students!

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