Mavis Tire

Bringing seamless tire purchase and service booking to auto customers

CompanyMavis Tire

TeamTSG Consumer - Vantage Team

RoleProduct Designer

Mavis is a top independent tire dealer and automotive service provider with over 1,500 locations across the Northeast, Midwest, and Southern regions of the U.S.

In 2022, I worked with a team of UX strategist, creative director, visual designer and digital transformation specialists to bring elevated tire purchasing experience across Mavis’ desktop web and mobile web store.

Problem: outdated designs that's hard to shop

With their online shop built many years ago, Mavis’ existing site had the aesthetics of web 1.0, and features matching the look.

I was tasked with a few key components in Mavis’ site redesign.

Store Detail Page: put the orders in before you get there

Whether you’re on the road or in the comfort of your own home, finding a store near you and getting all the products and services you need is a cinch.

Store detail page

Shop for tires, add services and book an appointment. Your technician will be waiting for you right when you pull up.

Store info

You can make sure your car is in good hands by knowing a bit more about your local Mavis shop and the people who provide the services.

Or see a list of nearby stores and choose one that is the most convenient.

Service Detail Page: need it, book it, done

No matter if you know your tire tread is wearing out, or that you have a flat while on the road, the service detail page provides a fast way to select a store and time for your service.

Service detail page

Get the availability from multiple stores all on the same page.

Shopping Bag: there's more than one way to buy tires

Usually you replace all four tires at once, but what if your front tires and back tires are of different sizes? What if there are special promotions available for tires that you don’t usually get? What if you need other services that would make a safer drive?

Don’t worry, the Shopping Bag page acommodates all of these and more situations.

Shopping cart

Schedule an Appointment: so you don't have to install your own tires

Letting a pro install your new tires and getting a free checkup is why it’s great to shop for tires at Mavis.

Appointment page

During the checkout process, scheduling an appointment is easy by selecting a convenient location and time for you to get brand new tires.

Payment: pay in store or pay online

The checkout process involves multiple steps with interactions that could be done online or offline, it was very fun to work on the flow and make sure all touchpoints were considered.

Appointment page

After you’ve selected tires you want to purchase, it’s up to you to pay in store or pay online, with various digital payment options. Either way it’s easy and fast.

Payment page

Confirmation: we'll see you soon!

Rest assured that your tire purchase is being processed and your appointment is booked at the end of the checkout process.

Confirmation page

You can create an account to keep track of your purchases and services, and Mavis team members are ready to serve you when you pull up.


The Mavis redesign project presented an interesting challenge of e-commerce wtih online shop and physical stores both selling physical products and services.

During the design process I had to be very mindful of logistical details that need to be conveyed to the customers and set the correct expectation for their purchases.

With brands that own physical stores, it’s especially crucial that all touch points, whether online or in real world, are consistently delightful and remarkable.

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